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 16 y/o Missouri Fox Trotter Gelding

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PostSubject: 16 y/o Missouri Fox Trotter Gelding   Tue Nov 16, 2010 11:55 pm

Posterous link w/ pictures

I have a great horse that I'm giving away to the right person. The only reason I'm giving him up is that we don't have room enough for him at our new house. "Lucky" is a 16 yr old Missouri Foxtrotter I've had since he was 4. I've done endurance on him successfully - actually my husband rode him another 700 endurance miles over the past two years. But what he really likes best -- and where he really shines in terms of performance -- is not in competition (where he gets anxious) but on trails in the mountains, where he goes up and down hills like you wouldn't believe. Lucky would be suitable for someone who likes to trail ride (preferably often), and he needs an experienced rider as he's a big strong boy with a lot of forward momentum, and he will occasionally "sport spook" at things like mountain bikes which he's been around a lot but sometimes thinks are big hairy monsters (while he thinks nothing of flapping canvass or plastic and other things that scare many horses). Lucky's very bold - I've ridden on some nasty trails in the Sierras and he doesn't hesitate about anything - he's super sure-footed, which is characteristic of his breed. He's a flashy boy - sorrel with a flaxen mane and tail, and carries himself very handsomely! As I said, I would give Lucky away to the right person - a good home is more important to me than anything. Lucky is a very easy keeper and has always been sound - the only injury he ever had in his life was a tendon on the right front that is now thickened, but he's never been lame on it since - that happened about 5 yrs ago. I've worked cattle off him - both sorting and team penning and he's gone on cattle gathers in the mountains. I always thought he'd be great for a cowboy that needed a good horse he could ride all day! He hopes right in the trailer and rides comfortably and calmly. I've body clipped him on several occasions and he actually enjoys the process. He was born in Ozark, Missouri and brought here when he was 4. He's a "blue papered" Foxtrotter, if anyone cares...
Would be happy to provide photos and more information on him.

Can you please post this to your groups? I live up in San Juan Bautista (northern California).


Peggy Davidson
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16 y/o Missouri Fox Trotter Gelding
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