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 Palomino Gelding

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PostSubject: Palomino Gelding   Tue May 25, 2010 10:48 pm

26002 Bear Valley Hts. Road
Escondido, CA 92027

I’m looking for a gentle for ever home for my gelding Sonny.

He’s registered with the APHA “Savvy’s Tender Sonny” and was born here at Savvy Stables in 2006. He’s probably going to be 15+ hands.

He knows the Parelli 7 games and is up to his trot in the arena.

Dr Coburn believes he has a few spots on his eyes which may hinder his frontal vision slightly. His bi-lateral vision is fine. In fact his vision is good, according to Dr. Coburn; he says he may look at some things sideways – we never noticed that or anything wrong with Sonny’s vision through all his training and running free here at Savvy Stables with a herd. He’s sound in all other ways.

Sonny has spirit and if you’re familiar with Parelli – I’d say he is a left brain extrovert.

He’s very loving and friendly and gets along well with other horses
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Palomino Gelding
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