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 Arabs in need of good home!

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PostSubject: Arabs in need of good home!   Thu Jun 17, 2010 11:57 pm

Contact Kim at 619-579-2440

Hello, I have been talking with my mom about the horse dispersal and she has decided to give 2 - 3 horses away:

Fonoly American - bay mare 1988 (Fonda Bask {Ha Bask} x American Surprise {*Corsair})Mi Secret - grey mare 1986 (Raskala {*Bask} American Surprise {*Corsair})and possiblyRegal American - grey stallion 1986 (Khemosabi {Amerigo} x Coralea {*Corsair}) She has decided to try to sell a few:Gyms Jewel - bay mare 1999 ( Bogota {*Boraks} x American Gym {Port Bask}) Mi Julee - grey mare 2000 (Bogota {*Boraks} x Mi Justa {Popovitch}) Mi Justine - grey mare 1999 ( Bogota {*Boraks} x Mi Justa {Popovitch}) Regals Prince - bay stallion 1999 (Regal American {Khemosabi} x Ro Arabask {Bask-Tez}) Tamerlan Magic - grey stallion 2000 (Basks Magic {Fire Devil} x Wita II {*Tamerlan})

and she has decided to keep two of her favorites. Would you be able to take two or three older horses ASAP?I have to work on my mom's 84 year old time table, and she is anxious to place the older horses sometime this week. Please call me, Kim at H 619-579-2440 or mobile 619-733-3603 to set up a day and time to get the horses. Thank you for your patience and allowance for my mom's change of plans. Hope to hear from you yet today. Kim
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Arabs in need of good home!
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