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 2 Mustang Geldings Need Homes ASAP

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PostSubject: 2 Mustang Geldings Need Homes ASAP   Sun May 09, 2010 12:51 am

Anyways, wanted to get some info and pictures of the 2 Mustangs to you, that

I desperately need to place. Again, I did somebody a favor about 1.5 years
ago, and they were only supposed to be at my place 3 weeks, but never got
picked up, or never got any payments from the person who asked me to help. I

do have the papers on these 2 boys. They are from the Centennial Range. Both

2005 models and gelded.

Diego, the darker one is super sweet. I've done some groundwork with him. He

loves to be groomed, stands for the farrier, you can halter him, and he
leads just fine. I haven't had much time to work with either one of them,
due to my previous job/travel schedule, and having 2 young ones myself I'm
trying to work with.

Cusi is a pony sized Mustang, very cute, he's got beautiful movements, and
seems to be quite a bit of a jumper. He is not gentled. I did get a new
halter on him, and once I hold him, I can pet him, and he does somewhat
lead. We have only been able to trim his front feet, he's not to excited
about his back feet. Again, I really have not worked with them much. He
seems almost a bit of a dun. Has the stripe down his back, and in the summer

gets stripes on his legs. He is super cute, and definitely has the pony-tude

sometimes. He does have an overbite.

I really desperately need to find them a home with somebody that understands

Mustangs, and can train them. I can't afford them anymore, having 5 myself,
and again 2 that I'm working on training. I don't want those 2 to fall
through the cracks and not get any training.

If you or anybody has any questions, I can be reached at 760-470-2742.

Thank you so much for any help
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2 Mustang Geldings Need Homes ASAP
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