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 Horses at Norco Animal Shelter Need Homes!

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PostSubject: Horses at Norco Animal Shelter Need Homes!   Wed Oct 14, 2009 2:35 am

Please see contact info below. If you are interested in any of the horses, you may contact Hanaeleh: and we can figure out a modified adoption fee and you can have a first right-of-refusal on the horse (ie, we'll take the horse if things don't work out).


Dear Friends,

there are currently nine (of eleven) horses at Norco animal control shelter that need adoptive homes.
Maybe you can help them by forwarding this message far and wide? I am attaching photos to this email,
and a subsequent one, and a short description of each horse. Many are elderly, and in need of retirement
homes. They are all sweet, and were friendly and curious when I visited.

Adoption fees are low, starting at about $200/horse for a private individual. If a 501(c)(3) is able to
take a horse in, they do not need to pay the adoption fee. The contact information is for adoptions is:

Rene Power: (951) 737-8972.

Please note that this shelter does NOT send its horses to auction to disperse them, and wants to avoid
euthanasia. These horses need adoptive homes to alleviate the resource burden on this shelter.

1. "Mustang Sally" - 8yo BLM branded mustang mare. A little nervous, but is apparently broke. She has
one blue eye, but she sees with it. She was abandoned in the riverbed I believe.

2. "Old mustang mare" - elderly, brown and greying mustang mare recently seized from her owner with her

3. "Old Morgan cross mare" - dark bay/black, very sweet, both of them.

4. "Flaca" - 17yo chesnut/sorrel TB mare, tattoed (I'm still trying to figure out who she is).

5. "Ringo" - 16-17 yo quarter-pony, has upper ringbone which needs to be rested, has been ridden recently, very friendly, and his friend,

6. "Dutch" - hinny, age? They are together in the photographs.

7. "Opie" - lovely, very old, fleabitten grey Appy/Arab/X? Has limited vision in right eye. Needs retirement home.
An absolute sweetheart...

8. "Blanca" - very old grey Arabian mare, needs retirement home, currently hangs out with Opie.

9. "May" - true black quarterhorse mare, roughly 20 yo, rideable/sound, "kid friendly", gentle.

Also there are a couple of horses, a 24 year old TB gelding and a black (untattoed) mare who are
joined at the hip and will not be adopted out, unless together. The TB gelding I just identified as Times Design, (Universal - Threefourtime, bred by Ethel Crosby) and raced 6 times in 1989. He was originally part
of a 2001 seizure from a TB farm (others of that group of horses were already dead). He was returned to
Norco AC by his adopter some time ago, upon his retirement as a police force horse. I did not take photos
of these two, as they are the least urgent in terms of their need for a home.

Thanks so much for helping! Please forward to anyone you know that may be interested in providing a
retirement home for one of these horses.
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Horses at Norco Animal Shelter Need Homes!
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