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 Looking for an Endurance Horse

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PostSubject: Looking for an Endurance Horse   Fri Aug 14, 2009 11:55 pm

I have an "mature" riding student (64) who is looking for a horse to give a terrific home to in exchange for allowing her to ride it safely on the trail. Nancy took lessons from me about 17 years ago or so, and due to life changes, had to stop until now. She lost a lot of strength, but definitely wants to get back into riding. She would prefer to get a horse from an owner who wants/needs to place a horse because they want it to get great care and lots of attention...older is just fine. Nancy wants a horse to meander through the hills around here on, go on trailrides with our local riding that. She is average size, so a smallish horse is ok (not a pony, though). She rides English. As for me, her instructor, I also want her to have a sound horse. She is not interested in buying a horse. She wants to give a home to a horse that has served its owner well, but is one too many mouths to feed or doesn't any longer get ridden enough, or the owner has to downsize, etc. I don't mind a little ringbone or arthritis: that comes with age. But I want a horse for her that is not going trippy or off, or barn sour. Breed is immaterial, a good attitude is critical. The horse will probably be boarded at the stable where I teach lessons and keep my own horses. Nancy keeps the bonds she makes with her animals, which is why I want to make sure she ends up with a horse that is basically a good quiet trailhorse. We both live in the Riverside area, so I can look at horses in that area, though would be willing to go further for a really good prospect. Feel free to pass this on. Thank you so much, Anne Wade-Hornsby 909 370 1342
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Looking for an Endurance Horse
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